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Article: Summer Suit Guide: Stay Cool and Stylish

Summer Suit Guide: Stay Cool and Stylish

Summer Suit Guide: Stay Cool and Stylish

What comes to your mind when you think of summer?

For many of us, it’s the summer sun, vacation, beaches, barbecues, sports, etc.

But, if you’re a fashion-centric gentleman, it’s likely the quest for the ideal summer suit. 

If you’ve got a lot of garden parties, work events, weddings, or holidays lined up - finding one that’s breathable and stylish can be pretty challenging.

The perfect summer suit must match your style, fabric, color, fit, cut, ventilation, and budget preferences. 

Save your time browsing online or visiting numerous stores with our ultimate summer suit guide to keep you looking fresh for 2024.

Fabrics first! 

Before diving into suit exploration mode, we want you to consider one important factor: 


Before feeling like a don in your summer suit, you must be able to breathe first. For this reason alone, it’s essential to think about the fabrics. 

So, what are the best fabrics for summer suits? 

You might have guessed already: LIGHT fabrics and natural ones! These help regulate the body temperature.

Here are some fabrics that are great to wear in the summer:



Linen is a highly breathable fabric due to its open and natural fibers, allowing air to circulate easily. When fresh air flows into your suit, the fibers of the linen can allow your body heat to easily escape. It also has quick-drying properties, which means if you do feel sweaty, it’s likely it’ll dry quickly; you’re less likely to see visible sea patches!

In addition to the feel, linen is a classic and timeless fabric that becomes more comfortable with washes. Wearing linen suits immediately gives a relaxed yet chic summer style, which can be dressed up or down.



Cotton is another fabric to consider when selecting your summer suits. Just like linen, it allows air to circulate easily around the body and encourages ventilation. Compared to linen, cotton has a smarter finisher and sharper lines and can be easily tailored to match your style.

Cotton suits are known for their moisture-absorbing properties, allowing sweat to easily be wicked away, making them more comfortable to wear.



Seersucker is a lightweight cotton fabric with a crinkled or puckered texture. It’s a Persian word which means milk and sugar, synonymous with the textured and smooth strips the fabric creates from the weaving process. It provides the same benefits as cotton but more of a visual appeal.

How to choose vibrant colors and patterns for the summer?

The second priority when selecting the best summer suit is considering the palette. Ideally, you should choose a range of light colors and patterns that give off true summer vibes.

For inspiration, here are some of our suggestions:



Citrus colors

Orange, lime green, and lemon yellow can help evoke a bold statement but not be too overwhelming.

Light colors

Bright colors that reflect the sun can help you stay cool. Think light pink, turquoise blue, and mint green.

Neutral shades

If you have office meetings, charcoal, gray, khaki, and navy are good to consider.



    Vertical stripes

    A classic menswear pattern that can blend with pastel colors and darker shades.

    Contrast piping

    Can elevate your aesthetic, making you look classy for a cocktail dinner.

        6 Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat 

        While you should look hot in your summer suit, there’s no need to feel hot. Apart from choosing the fabric, here are some key tips to consider to let you stay looking stylish and comfortable.


        1. Stick to a relaxed fit

        Just like we mentioned earlier, you want to be able to breathe. One of the best styles to select is one with a relaxed fit. If you’re wearing a suit with too much of a tight cut, your airflow may be restricted, and you’ll likely feel uncomfortable.


        2. Wear breathable footwear

        Comfort doesn’t just stop at your suit. It includes the rest of your outfit, too! Because of this, we recommend wearing breathable foot wear like boots, loafers, or even lightweight sneakers. Avoid any heavy, tight-fitting shoes that can make your feet hot and uncomfortable. 

        We recommend: Our signature Viossi shoe - brown leather tasseled loafers

        Top Tip: To add to the breathability, try wearing low cut or no-show socks with the shoes to keep your feet cool. 


        3. Pay attention to your grooming

        What’s your summer hairstyle like? Another factor you might want to consider is having a shorter haircut and less facial hair. The less hair, the lighter the breeze, keeping you cool from top downwards. 


        4. Think about shorter pants

        If you can manage, opt for quarterlined or short pants, adding a modern touch to your image. If you can’t get away with wearing shorter ones, ensure they’re either unlined or lightly lined to encourage airflow and comfort.


        5. Wear lightweight shirts 

        Remember, staying light is key to the summer season! Opt for cotton or a linen shirt underneath your suit. Plus, you can always roll the sleeves up if you take your jacket off.

        We recommend: Our lightweight slim fit tuxedo shirt


        6. Go for unlined jackets 

        Whenever possible, go for partially lined or unlined jackets to encourage greater ventilation, allowing for easier air circulation. This will also prevent your jacket from feeling heavy when wearing it.


        The best suggestions to complete your summer look

        Got your ideal summer suit in mind but not sure what to add to complete your look? Check out these suggestions:

        A vest 

        If it’s too hot to wear a jacket, you can always wear a breathable vest or a T-shirt. This also helps if you’re trying to go for a smart casual look. 


        Are you planning on wearing the suit in the daytime? Then consider wearing bold and big round sunglasses with thick frames. If you want a more chic look, opt for the iconic tortoiseshell type or even a retro frame. 

        Tie or bow tie

        A silk or cotton tie or bow tie can help seal off your summer look. If you want to add one to your shirt, use lighter colors and patterns that complement the summer season. 

        We recommend: Our Navy Polka Dot Tie or Black Satin Butterfly Bow Tie


        Depending on the occasion you wear the suit, a light-colored hat like a fedora can help add style and protect you from the sun.

        Bottom Line 

        Overall, the key principle when looking for summer suits is to stay light and breathable. Always opt for lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen and seersucker. Then think about the fit, your grooming, and the accessories you might want to go along with it.

        Seeking some more inspiration about men’s summer fashion? Check out our suit collections.

        Similarly, if you’ve got a suit in mind and want help to find a close comparison, contact us, and we’ll happily help you.

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