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Article: Embrace Spring with the Latest Men's Suit Styles

Embrace Spring with the Latest Men's Suit Styles

Embrace Spring with the Latest Men's Suit Styles

Spring is a time associated with cleanliness, a transition to warmer weather, blooming flowers, and more sunlight, providing an optimistic outlook on life. 

So, what would our choice of words be if we had to sum up spring as a season? 

Renewal and rebirth.

Spring is a time that you should invest in your image with high-quality suits that are sleek and comfortable and show your strong personality to the world. It serves as a blank slate, cementing your authority for the following seasons. 

Dive with us today and explore the latest spring suits for men that evoke class, masculinity, and empowerment. 


Trending spring suits for men

Save time gathering inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram; here are the latest trends for spring suits in 2024: 


Three piece suit 

One style that’s timeless and always popular at Viossi is a three-piece suit. These suits are the epitome of elite and are guaranteed to evoke your suave personality. If you’re looking to showcase your physique, then a three-piece suit is known for its slim fit.  

Consisting of a jacket, trousers, and waistcoat, all with matching fabric and colors, they help highlight your body’s contours, creating a polished and prestigious look.

We recommend: Black Slim Three Piece Suit


Bold colors 

Do you want to convey your confidence when entering the boardroom? Then try wearing bold-colored suits this spring season. Greens, blues, and burgundys will easily show you’re anything but basic. They’ll radiate your charisma and dynamism before even opening your mouth. 

We recommend: Blue Slim Three Piece Suit



Not the bold type? But want to subtly capture interest without looking like you’re seeking attention? Then vertical stripes, especially pinstripes, can add impact to your appearance. 

They lengthen your height, creating a dramatic first impression.

To maximize the impact, wear a neutral shirt underneath to offset the stripes. Stripes are conservative yet draw subtle attention to your stature.

We recommend: Green Striped Double Breasted


Spring suit fabrics

To truly select the best spring suit, you must go beyond your aesthetic and consider comfort. For that, we recommend choosing suits made of linen and cotton. Linen is lightweight, breathable, and natural. It’s an ideal material if you want to have a relaxed and classic look. 

The downside to linen is that it can easily crease, so it’s not always the best for a formal setting. If you’re seeking a suit with a more structured look, go for a linen/woolen blend. These fabrics can help absorb moisture guaranteed to occur from the increase in temperatures.  


Pay attention to pastels 

One trend that certainly adds rejuvenation, rebirth, and a breath of fresh air to your closet is pastel suits. They’re quite different from the traditional suits, but their soft, classic color palette subtly compliments the beauty associated with spring. 

Pastels are an effortless way to capture attention. 

Shades to consider: Sky blue, mint, pink, or lavender. 

These colors can help exude your suave character. They also bring elements of romance to spring wedding celebrations, helping you stand out at social events and look stylish in the workplace. 

If a full pastel suit isn’t your vibe, consider wearing pocket squares or ties with a hint of pastel! 


How to accessorize your suit for spring events

Have you got weddings, spring socials, or upcoming events to attend this season? Here are some of our top tips on how to accessorize your suit for spring events. 


Lapel pins

Lapel pins can be a great extension of your personality. Consider a floral lapel pin if you're looking for something light or a reflection of the spring season. Also, a lapel pin contrasting your suit's color can capture attention. 



Hats can complete a look at a spring event, but the key is choosing the right headwear. Regarding hats, there are two timeless hats and a go-to choice for spring: the Panama and Fedora.

Panama hats pair perfectly with a linen suit, fitting in with spring elegance yet being light and comfortable. They shade you from the spring sun and come in natural colors that compliment a light, neutral, or dark-colored suit. 

Fedoras are classic hats that pair well with three-piece or tailored suits. They leave you looking sharp and modern. 


Tie bar

Adding a tie bar between your dress shirt's third and fourth buttons can portray a clean, polished, and put-together look. It shows your meticulous nature and keeps you looking tidy on the windier spring days. 



Seal your spring suit style with a print scarf. Wrapping a silk or cotton scarf around your neck can add a flair to your suit this spring season. Experiment with bold colors or playful prints. 


Recommendations for versatile spring suit options 

If you’re seeking a spring suit that embodies comfort and style, then here are some of our top recommendations:


Gray suits

If you’re looking for a classic suit and are conscious about wearing it after spring, go for gray. This color is an investment, works well in other seasons, and is a staple for any event. It immediately provides style yet serves as a blank slate, pairing easily with any colored shirt, shoe, or tie. 

Our favorite: Light Grey Slim Fit


Double breasted

A good, well-cut, double-breasted suit can add a statement impression to your silhouette. Whether styled with a crew neck knit, shirt or tie, it adds elegance to any situation. 

Peak lapels can accentuate your shoulders, leaving you looking powerful and important. If you’re conscious of your weight, overlapping lapels can help hide your waistline, making you look slender. 

Our favorite: White Double Breasted


Tan suits 

Similar to gray, tan suits can provide a balance to your appearance. They complement the light spring and summer temperatures yet keep you cool under the sun. They also provide a classic mid-century look, leaving you looking regal and confident. 

Our favorite: Camel Striped Double Breasted


Spring suit summary  

Before transitioning into spring, consider the impression you want to create for this upcoming season. Spring is known for rejuvenation and rebirth and is a time to position your personality to others.

If you want to draw subtle attention, then go for pinstripe suits. 

Whereas if you’re conscious about your physique, double-breasted can leave you looking slender in spring. 

But don’t just stop at your suit; add accessories to pair with it, too. 

Are you seeking a classic suit for spring or any other season? 

Check out our prestigious collections, perfect for formal or casual wear.

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