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Package Protection Policy

Add package protection at checkout and rest assured you’ll be covered in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. Keep your eye out for Package Protection online when shopping online.

File a claim:

*** Shipping protection fee is non-refundable

Viossi Shipping Protection Policy

  1. Coverage: Viossi’s Shipping Protection covers packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

  2. Lost Packages:

    • If a package is lost in transit (no delivery update within a 3-4 business days), it will be considered for coverage.
    • Issues must be filed between 5 and 15 days maximum from the last shipping update.
    • Claim must be opened with shipping courier and pdf report must be emailed to our customer support
  3. Stolen Packages:

    • Packages marked as delivered but not received by the customer are treated as stolen.
    • Claims for stolen items must be filed within 5 to 10 days after the delivery date.
    • For orders over $100, a police report will be required.
  4. Damaged Packages:

    • Claims for damaged orders must be filed within 5 to 10 days of the delivery date.
    • Items which are damaged in transit will be considered as "damaged".
    • Customers should provide evidence of damage (photos, videos) for the claim process. 
  5. Filing a Claim:

    • Customers can report an issue by emailing at
    • The process is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring quick resolution of the issue.
  6. Exclusions:

    • Issues arising due to incorrect address input by the customer or packages returned to sender are not covered.
    • Quality control issues or dissatisfaction with the product are outside the purview of this policy.
  7. Resolution:

    • Once a claim is approved, Viossi will either reorder the items or offer a refund, based on the customer’s preference.
  8. Policy Availability and Cost:

    • Shipping protection can be added at checkout for a nominal fee, calculated based on the order value.
  9. Opt-Out Option:

    • Customers have the option to opt out of the Shipping Protection at checkout. However, in such cases the process might take longer time to open a case with carrier , they will need to confirm with their regional office. So the process might take longer time to confirm the lost/damage/stolen package.

This policy aims to give Viossi customers assurance that their purchases are protected during transit, offering peace of mind and enhancing their shopping experience. For detailed information and specific terms, customers should be encouraged to review the full policy available on Viossi’s website.