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Article: Travel-Friendly Suits for Businessmen

Travel-Friendly Suits for Businessmen

Travel-Friendly Suits for Businessmen

Have you heard of the saying “first impressions count”?

If yes, this saying applies everywhere, even when you're on the go. Whether traveling on a train, getting a flight to catch, or walking around town to your next business conference, you never know who you might encounter or what opportunities might come to you.

Because of this, you should want to look presentable. Apart from grooming, what's the best way to look sharp?

Well, by wearing a suit, of course. But not just any; you'll want a travel-friendly one. Today, learn everything you need to know about travel-friendly suits for businessmen.

Selecting suits for travel and business trips

The best travel suits are effortless to maintain, store and are versatile for many different modes of transport. Before visiting your next tailors or browsing our store, plan your look based on the following factors:

Fabrics first!

Are you in a fast-paced rush to get to your next destination or are traveling to a hot country? Then you cannot ignore your suit's material. Wool and cotton suits are the best for circulation in warmer temperatures; however, they don't look as crisp as a microfiber suit.

However, if you're concerned about the crease resistance of microfiber, then a synthetic wool blend can be a brilliant combination of comfort and sophistication. This soft material has natural stretching qualities, allowing creases to drop out.

Our suggestion: Beige Striped Slim Fit Three Piece

Be conscious of colors

Whenever possible, stick to dark colors. You never know when a stain or wrinkle might arise when on the go. Dark colors like black, navy, charcoal gray, or medium gray are great at hiding imperfections and give the illusion of looking immaculate.

Our suggestion: Navy Double Breasted

Versatile Style

Select a timeless style that can be paired with other garments like jackets and trousers. Two timeless suit styles are a single-breasted suit with a notched lapel or a slim-fit suit for a modern look.

Basic prints, classic colors, and patterns can help you generate several different looks without storing more clothes in your holdall. When picking your next travel outfit, consider how parts of your suit can also be worn separately.

Our suggestion: Grey Striped Slim Fit

Features of travel-friendly suits

So, what elements do you look out for before you go jet-setting? Check off this criteria before buying:

Comfortable fit

Alongside looking respectable, staying comfortable should also be your priority. Opt for suits that are breathable and can allow you to move freely. Look for fabrics or a fit that follows your body, complimenting your body's shape.

For less restriction, look for a suit with a bit of stretch to help maintain its original shape while providing additional comfort during long-haul travel.

Wrinkle resistance

Every suit has many unique properties, but one factor that should be at the top of your list is its wrinkle resistance. Creased pants, shirts, or suit jackets are a regular frustration and nuisance for business travelers. No matter how many techniques they learn online to reduce crinkles, they always appear.

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can share is to look for fabrics that have a high resistance to wrinkles. While no fabric can be 100% wrinkle prone, which would be highly uncomfortable, there are some that have high tolerance, which are wool blends, synthetic blends, and microfiber.

Pro Tip: Always read the product labels of each suit to learn about the fabric's quality. Sometimes, labels may state "wrinkle-free" or "wrinkle-resistant," with the fabric being treated to reduce creases. Also, check the care instructions; often, wrinkle-free fabrics have specific care requirements.


Whenever possible, look for blends with quick-drying materials in case of unexpected spills or moisture. Often, synthetic fibers provide quick drying capabilities, saving you the stress when mishaps arise while traveling.

Packing tips for suits

In addition to thinking about the material properties, storage also plays a vital role in your perception. How you pack, store, and transport them can impact their appearance, crinkles, and lifespan.

To help keep you looking pristine, check out these travel packing for suits tips:

Use a suit bag

If you're not wearing your suit, then you have the important task of making it survive the whole duration without getting damaged or crumpled. To reduce the chances of this happening, we suggest carrying it in a garment/suit bag! A suit bag can provide circulation, preventing moisture build-up and dust from sitting on it.

Pro Tip: Depending on your mode of travel, you should always endeavor to hand the suit bag up. Keep it free from other objects from putting pressure on you!

Safely store in a suitcase

If storing your suit on an airplane is not possible, then you have no other option left than storing it in your suitcase. One of the best techniques is splitting your suit in half and putting everything else on top of the suitcase. It's relatively straightforward to do, simply:

  1. Place your jacket front facing down on a flat surface
  2. Next, fold the left shoulder of your jacket inwards halfway up the back
  3. Make sure the sleeves are flat and they're folded towards the outer edge
  4. Repeat this using the right shoulder to ensure the sleeves are parallel in the middle of the back of your jacket
  5. Then fold your jacket in half; the bottom should meet the top.
  6. Flip the suit over so the lapel is facing upwards.
  7. Once done, the suit should be folded into a square shape for easy packing.

Pro Tip: If you're not the greatest at folding, purchase a suit folder. This is a specialized accessory for travel, assisting you with folding and reducing creases.

Wear your suit

If your suit takes up a lot of space in your case, just wear it! Similarly, if you have heavy items like boots and jackets, wear them in transit to reduce their weight.

Stuff jackets

To preserve your suit's original shape, add socks, tissue paper, pocket squares, or ties into the jacket pockets. This can prevent your coat from wrinkling and collapsing. But be careful not to overload pockets, as this can also cause the structure to change!

Combining style and practicality in travel suits

In case you haven't figured it out already, we've been constantly reinforcing two major points in this post: style and comfort. But how do you optimize the two together? Well, the secret lies in the planning before your travel begins. Think about the following:


Practicality doesn't just stop at your suit. When travel packing for a suit, you'll want to consider shoes. Go for comfortable yet stylish footwear that allows you to walk and maneuver to your destination easily. Think leather sneakers or loafers.


Research your destination before your travel plans are implemented. Depending on the climate, you may want a coat or jacket that keeps you warm yet complements your suit. Tailored blazers or trench coats are great options to enhance your professional image yet keep you warm on the go.


Sometimes, with travel, you're limited to weight restrictions and packing. The key to the best travel-friendly suits is being able to mix and match, generating new looks.

One way to do this is by packing one or two versatile dress shirts. Shirts with neutral colors can enhance visual interest yet be easily paired with another suit you've got packed, leaving you looking fresh.

Think about functionality

Storage matters, and when you're traveling, you'll want to utilize every aspect of that. The best travel-friendly suits have functional design elements built into them, like breathable linings, hidden pockets, and stretchy fabrics.

Final thoughts

To summarize, the best business travel fashion revolves around packing for practicality yet looking stylish. When suit shopping, buy materials that have a high resistance to wrinkles and creases.

Look at the labels and ask the shop assistant about the quality of the fabric. Try a few suits on before buying; make sure they have a comfortable fit, hugging your body yet giving you the freedom to move without feeling restricted.

Dark colors are your best business companion on the road or in the air; they hide imperfections and keep you looking smart.

Are you seeking a new travel suit to help you look the part? Check out our prestigious range built for businessmen like you.

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